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Management and Board of Directors

Sakuma Exports Ltd. (SEL) is structured as a modern, agile and non-hierarchical organization where individual goals are aligned with the objectives of the organization.

The management is transparent with its employees regarding their opportunities and challenges. We constantly optimize ourselves to reach the best possible outcomes.

Board of Directors

Mr. Saurabh Malhotra

Saurabh Malhotra, CMD of the group has been responsible for group’s strategies and global growth. An expert in banking and finance, he has 20+ years of experience in commodity/financial product trading. Saurabh heads a team of professional traders of various commodities. A Graduate from Mumbai university, he holds PG Diploma in Business Administration (Finance)


Ms. Shipra Malhotra

Ms. Shipra Malhotra is a Post Graduate with specialisation in Human Resource Management (HRM). She has been conducting seminars/workshops on HRM communication, negotiation skills and other soft skills in the corporate world. She is also accredited for her talent in fine arts.


Mr. Vivek Grover

Mr. Vivek Grover is a B.E. in Chemical Engineering, 1996 batch from Bharati Vidya Peeth College of Engineering, Pune University. He is an accomplished professional with rich and cross-functional experience in business development across national and international arena. His Unconventional approach to business management with skills to identify requirements rolls out pragmatic and growth-oriented programs/ policies.


Mr. Amit S. Amist

- Has a vast corporate exposure of about 14 years of service in the Financial Sector with reputed & large organisations. Also in consulting & legal advisory for large corporate houses. With now a total work exposure of 22 years across domains.

- Practice / Enrolled Advocate, and deal in regular litigation across spectrum.

- He is the Member of the Supreme Court Bar & Delhi High Court Bar.

- Personal strength/knowledge is focussed on Criminal Law, Arbitration, Commercial Disputes, Writs, Company Law.

- Managing a boutique law firm / team based out of Delhi.

Educational Qualifications:

- High School: St Columba’s School, New Delhi

- Graduation: B.A (Hons), Delhi University


- MBA: Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai

- Japanese Management: 1999, JMAM, Japan


Mr. Radhe Shyam

Mr. Radhe Shyam, 62 years, holds a Masters degree in Commerce, Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers (CAIIB), Diploma in Industrial Finance. Mr. Radhe Shyam has worked in various important positions in his vast 36 years tenure with Reserve Bank of India and retired as Chief General Manager. He held various positions in Banking Operations and Supervision, as a Member of Faculty at Bankers Training College, General Manager in Charge of Mumbai Regional Office of Exchange Control and administration.


Mr. O.P. Singhal

Mr. O.P. Singhal, 66 years, is BA (Hon’s), LLB, CAIIB, ACS (Inter). He has experience of over 40 years in the legal affairs. He is a leading advocate and permanent member of the Bombay Bar Association and Bombay High Court. He has also held position as a Nominee Director on the Board of Directors of various Corporate Bodies.


Radhe Shyam
Chairperson - Independent - Non Executive

Shipra Malhotra
Independent - Non Executive Mr. Amit Amist
Independent - Non Executive

Radhe Shyam
Chairperson - Independent - Non Executive

Om Parkash Singal
Independent - Non Executive

Shipra Malhotra
Non Executive
Mr. Amit Amist
Chairperson - Independent - Non Executive

Shipra Malhotra
Non Executive

Radhe Shyam
Independent - Non Executive
Saurabh Malhotra
Chairperson - Executive

Shipra Malhotra
Non Executive

Om Prakash Singhal
Independent - Non Executive



Code of Conduct

All Directors and Senior Management must act within the bounds of the authority conferred upon them and with a duty to make and enact informed decisions and policies in the best interests of the Company and its shareholders / stakeholders.

With a view to maintain the high standards that the Company requires, the following rules / code of conduct should be observed in all activities of the Board. The Company appoints the Company Secretary as a compliance officer for the purpose of safegaurding the code, who will be available to Directors and Senior Management, to answer questions and to help them comply with the code.

Honesty and Integrity

All Directors shall conduct their activities on behalf of the Company and on their personal behalf with honesty, integrity and fairness. All Directors will act in good faith, with a fair sense of responsibility, competence, diligence and care, and without allowing their independent judgement to be subordinated. Directors will act in the best interests of the Company and fulfil all fiduciary obligations.

Conflict of Interest

Directors on the Board of the Company shall not engage in any business, relationship or activity, which may be in conflict of interest with the Company or the group.

Conflicts can arise in many situations. It is not possible to cover every possible conflict situation and at times, it will not be easy to distinguish between proper and improper activity. Set forth, are some of the common circumstances that may lead to a conflict of interest, actual or potential

Directors should not engage in any activity/employment that interferes with the performance or responsibilities to the Company or is otherwise in conflict with or prejudicial to the Company.

Directors should avoid conducting Company business with a relative or with a firm/company in which a relative/related party is associated in any significant role.

If such related party transaction is unavoidable, it must be fully disclosed to the Board of the Company.


Directors are required to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, both in letter and spirit. In order to assist the company in promoting lawful and ethical behaviour, Directors must report any possible violation of law, rules, regulation or the code of conduct to the Company Secretary.

Other Directorships

The Company feels that serving on the Board of Directors of other companies may raise substantial concerns about potential conflict of interest. And therefore, all Directors must report / disclose such relationships to the Board on an annual basis. It is felt that service on the Board of a direct competitor is not in the interest of the company.

Confidentiality of Information

Any information concerning the Company’s business, its customers, suppliers, etc., which is not in public domain and to which the Director has access or possesses such information, must be considered confidential and held in confidence, unless authorised to do so and when disclosure is required as a matter of law. No Director shall provide any information either formally or informally, to the Press or any other publicity media, unless specially authorised.

Insider Trading

Any Director of the Company shall not derive benefit or assist others to derive benefit by giving investment advice from the access to and possession of information about the Company that is not in public domain which therefore, constitutes insider information. All Directors will comply with insider trading guidelines as issued by SEBI.

Gifts and Donations

No Director of the Company shall receive or offer, directly or indirectly, any gifts, donations, remuneration, hospitality, illegal payments and comparable benefits which are intended (or perceived to be intended) to obtain business (or uncompetitive) favours or decisions for the conduct of business. Nominal gifts of commemorative nature for special events may be accepted and reported to the Board.

Protection of Assets

Directors must protect the company’s assets, labour and information and may not use these for personal use, unless approved by the Board.

Periodic Review

Every Director must acknowledge and execute an understanding of the code and give an undertaking comply. New Directors will sign such an undertaking at the time when their directorship begins.